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Off the Leash Podcast #15 – OperationArk (01:01:20)

In this one-off special episode we focus exclusively on the inside story of ‘Operation Ark’, the campaign set up by Afghanistan-based animal rescue charity Nowzad to evacuate its staff and animals from Kabul as the city fell to the Taliban. In a remarkable two week period social media lit up as people everywhere demanded action to get Nowzad staff and their animals out of danger;  British media first embraced former marine and  Nowzad founder Pen Farthing then turned against him as a government minister and his special advisor spun what had always been a humanitarian rescue mission into a false argument about putting ‘pets before people’; and with an aircraft ready to fly into Kabul Airport the story became a race against time to land as air corridors shifted and the few remaining troops that controlled access to entrance gates and landing strips were pulled out.

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