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Off the Leash Podcast #16 (52:14)

Another special episode (as we suggested last week), this time focussing on Geronimo the Alpaca. Not an ‘inside story’ as such (though Dominic was of course heavily involved), instead we’re going to approach the subject in a slightly more tangential way – asking why did the media get so interested in what could have been just yet another bovine TB story, and what can we learn from that about promoting other campaigns;  looking at how Geronimo and Helen Macdonald have done so much to re-awaken the debate about bovine TB and the badger cull; and of course we talk about the self-inflicted mess that Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has found itself in – referencing a well-attended protest that took place outside Defra’s London offices last week.

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Various | Geronimo Defra Protest (27:07)

A podcast edited from audio recorded by Off the Leash Podcasts in London on September the 8th 2021 at a protest event directly outside the offices of Defra – the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Defra is the government department that sanctions the badger cull and that just a week ago forcibly removed Geronimo the Alpaca from a farm in Gloucestershire, based on tests that concluded – wrongly – that Gerniomo – who was brought to the UK from New Zealand in August 2017 – had bovine TB. That claim has been consistently disputed by Geronimo’s owner, Helen Macdonald, a vet who had been keeping Geronimo in isolation since Defra first issued the order to have the animal killed

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