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GOTL | Alex Lockwood ‘Planting Value’ Report

As the Vegan Society says, “our food system is broken”. Food producers are not rewarded for their work, livestock production is cruel to farmed animals, intensive agriculture is causing biodiversity loss, and what we eat is fuelling an obesity crisis. Is there an alternative? Published on the 12th July by The Vegan Society, Planting Value in the Food System presents an ambitious but practical vision for a fully plant-based food system with the ability to help achieve climate targets, reduce the impact on our health service, improve the experiences of farmers and farm workers, and ultimately save the lives of thousands of animals. ‘Planting Value’ was written by Dr Alex Lockwood, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sunderland, in consultation with The Vegan Society policy team. In this shortcast Alex explains the process and thinking behind the report, and the four key elements we should look out for.

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GOTL | Philip Lymbery, Global CEO Compassion in World Farming

Philip Lymbery, Global CEO of Compassion in World Farming, (CiWF), is an award winning author, an ornithologist, a photographer, and a self-confessed animal advocate. For 25 years he has worked extensively on animal welfare issues, wildlife and the environment. He is a recognised thought leader, his lectures taking him across the globe to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded specialists, experts and individuals. In May 2021 CiWF produced a position statement on Meat Alternatives, and it’s that position that Philip discusses in this shortcast.

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