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Off The Leash Podcast #14 (51:02)

Last week was notable for three things: an alpaca named Geronimo, a report that led the UN secretary-general António Guterres, to call it a “code red for humanity”, and the unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan. We discuss all three. We also have a shortcast from veterinary scientist Iain McGill (who has done so much work exposing the government’s failed ‘test and slaughter’ BovineTB policy), and raw audio from Dominic on the ‘Rescue the Animal Rescuers’ campaign. Charlie has a close look at a petition which it turns out wants ‘animal rights protestors’ kept off farms. In Heroes and Villains we praise the animal welfare teams working in Kabul, and slate the politicians that made such a mess of last week. In our ‘Shoutout’ we give the link to donate to Nowzad, Pen Farthing’s animal rescue centre in Afghanistan.

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GOTL : Dominic Dyer | Rescue the Animal Rescuers (08:03)

As the Taliban closes in on Kabul and an emergency evacuation begins before the city falls, an urgent campaign “Rescue the Animal Rescuers” has been established to call on the Prime Minister and British Government to include on the British Rescue list, vets, vet nurses, animal care staff and their immediate family members, who are working for two British animal welfare charities in Kabul, Nowzad and the Mayhew.

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