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Off the Leash Podcast Episode 11

Back after our summer break, season two kicks off with a withering look at the lack of animal welfare in the horse- and greyhound-racing industries. We then turn our focus on the National Trust and its support for so-called ‘trail hunting’ – a cover for illegal foxhunting (which includes a shortcast from Rob Pownall of Keep the Ban). Charlie tells the dog whistlers yelling ‘woke’ to wake the heck up.  In ‘Hero and Villain’ we thank campaigners at Camp Beagle and swift nestbox manufacturer John Stimpson, and pour scorn on Ian Botham’s declaration of war on the RSPB and the ‘penis rockets’ of Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson. In 60 Second Shoutout, we highlight the new shortcasts we’ve recently uploaded (and introduce a new one from author and campaigner Mary Colwell), flag up Peter Egan’s petition to have laboratory animals included in the Animal Welfare Act and Maggie Wilcox’s petition on free-roaming cats (and we have our third shortcast of the episode from Maggie herself). Finally, Dominic trails the Oxford Badger Group ‘Badger Picnic’ he will be talking at.

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