Interview: Kim Cooling | Animal SOS Sri Lanka


Charlie Moores talks with the remarkable Kim Cooling, inspirational founder of animal rescue charity Animal SOS Sri Lanka. which works to alleviate the widespread suffering of street animals across the island. The charity provides quality veterinary care, refuge, rehabilitation, adoption schemes, as well as conducting sterilisation, education and rabies control outreach programs. Set up a decade ago Animal SOS Sri Lanka is now looking after an astonishing 2000 animals, and prides itself on giving animals a second chance of a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Charlie spoke with Kim shortly before the opening of an event at Art gallery NoHo Studios where paintings donated by three artists were to be sold and money donated to both Aimal SOS Sri Lanka and the middle-east based charity Safe Haven for Donkeys. At that event, he also took the opportunity to speak with two of Animal SOS Sri Lanka’s Patrons for a shortcast we’ve also published;- the actor and animal advocate Peter Egan and broadcaster and presenter Jan Leeming, both of whom are well-known for their commitment to animals and animal welfare charities (go to Peter Egan & Jan Leeming | Animal SOS Sri Lanka (05:13)).

Back to the interview and before Kim explains what drives her work, Charlie asked her to give an outline of the charity that has consumed her life for so long…