Interview: Henry Mance | How to Love Animals in a Human-shaped World (54:56)


In the following interview, Charlie Moores talks with Henry Mance, acclaimed chief features writer at the Financial Times, about his thoughtful and beautifully-written first book, ‘How To Love Animals in a Human-shaped World’, which was published by Jonathan Cape at the end of April this year. The book touches on some hugely important themes – not just our often contradictory relationships with animals but the consequences of not even considering them in the way we have shaped and continue to shape the world. It has been deservedly receiving positive reviews across the board – The Guardian saying for example that the book is “Written with humour and humanity, Mance’s argument is both convincing and urgent: we need to make dramatic changes to our lifestyle if we want to prevent ecological catastrophe.”

Henry has also narrated an audiobook version of ‘How To Love Animals in a Human-shaped World’ and he kindly agreed to read some pages from a chapter titled ‘Nothing but Footprints‘ as an exclusive bonus to this interview. The reading was recorded the week before the damning IPCC report on the climate crisis was released – a report that warns that humanity is on the very brink of creating a planet that life can not survive on – but those pages do indeed focus on the climate emergency, opening with a paragraph that includes the memorable line “If we believed, if we truly believed, we would act…”