GOTL: Bob Berzins | A Network of Crime (10:56)

As moorland campaigner Bob Berzins says in this shortcast,”The shooting industry is not built on Pennine granite, it’s a castle made of sand, and the tide is coming in.”  And living in the Peak District and seeing the failing and crime-ridden grouse moors up close Bob should know.

Bob wrote a blog recently for the Raptor Persecution UK (RPUK) website which was titled “Organised crime, harassment & intimidation – another day on the grouse moors” and that’s very much the theme of this shortcast which he suggested should be titled “A Network of Crime’.

Bob also published a novel recently called Snared which Charlie Moores reviewed saying it  “absolutely nails the unsavoury workings of the intensive grouse shooting industry to the wall“. Bob, actor Nick Wood and Charlie created an audiobook version of Snared, and with Bob’s permission we are reproducing a few pages from Chapter 24 of Snared here as well. Please note that all money from the sales of that audiobook goes to a domestic abuse charity, IDAS.