GOTL | Maggie Wilcox Free Roaming Cats petition


Guests Off the Leash’ are short standalone audio comments and statements (‘shortcasts’) from conservationists, campaigners, charities, authors and members of our audience. If it needs to be said – say it here!

As wildlife campaigner (and cat lover) Maggie Wilcox says in this shortcast, “In my mind every life is precious – but every time a cat wanders outside his or her home there is a potential for a threat to life”.

Maggie (who many of us perhaps know better from Twitter as NorfolkBea and the #NestsNotNets campaign) has set up a petition on ‘Keep cats safe and save wild lives. Amend the Animals Act 1971 and end feline free roaming‘ which (to date) has attracted relatively few signatures – and not a little vitriol! However many people do eventually sign, in our opinion Maggie should be commended for at least starting the conversation – and doing so (as you’ll hear) in an extremely compassionate and thoughtful way.