Off the Leash Podcast Episode Ten


Our tenth episode opens with a rolling discussion and personal anecdotes that take in unprecedented heat in North America, visiting Exxon-Mobil’s HQ in Houston, peak air travel, commuting, the Eye of Fire, and the climate emergency. Charlie takes a chunk out of BBC Bitesize for writing that there were ‘benefits’ to climate chaos. In Hero and Villian we applaud Emily Williamson (and the Plumage Act) and Greenpeace UK for uncovering Exxon-Mobil’s lobbying of the US government, and we take aim at Exxon-Mobil, Phil ‘the Gurning Deer Killer’ Spencer, and the Common Agricultural Policy for helping destroy Europe’s biodiversity. In 60 Second Sell (or should that be ’60 Second Shoutout’?) we hear from ecologist Robyn Murphy about her petition to the JNCC (about their proposal to remove protection from widespread species of reptiles and amphibians) and flag up 10-year-old Bailey Woozeer’s petition to introduce a yearly fundraising day for animals in school.

Byline Times | Dominic Dyer   The Government Must Face Down Big Business & Put Nature First

Channel Four   Revealed: ExxonMobil’s lobbying war on climate change legislation

CNN Video   See massive ‘eye of fire’ burn in Gulf of Mexico

The Guardian   BBC removes Bitesize page on climate change ‘benefits’ after backlash

BBC News    Emily Williamson: Centenary of victory to be marked with statue

Emily Williamson   A statue for Emily Williamson

Greenpeace UK newsletter   Unearthed

The Sun   Location, Location, Location viewers switch off as ‘psycho’ trophy hunting vid of host Phil Spencer surfaces

BirdLife Europe  EU countries take giant step towards killing nature

Robyn Murphy petition  Keep all widespread species of amphibian and reptile in S5 & 8 of the WCA 1981

Bailey Woozeer petition   Introduce a yearly fundraising day for animals in schools