‘Guests Off the Leash’ – a new way to hear our guest contributions

‘Guests Off the Leash’ are short standalone audio comments and statements from conservationists, campaigners, charities, authors and members of our audience. If it needs to be said – say it here!
Yeah, okay, we probably should have done this right from the start, but when you set up a podcast and have all these dreams about having ‘guests’, you never actually know whether anyone will actually answer your emails. As it has quickly turned out, though, not only have our emails been answered we’ve been getting some fantastic contributions already…in fact, several guests have said how much they enjoyed being allowed ‘off the leash’ too…

How does it work? Well, what we’ve been asking for is short(ish) audio statements (around five minutes long), recorded onto a phone or similar. Not live, and not interviews, simply because we felt (from past experience) that trying to coordinate everyone can be tricky.

Our guests have then sent us the sound file they made (by email or WhatsApp), and we’ve then edited these ‘pre-records’ into the podcasts, lining them up and commenting afterwards. And while they’ve hardly disappeared into the ether, we did have a niggling concern that once the next episode of ‘Off the Leash’ came out then the previous pre-record might not be heard again. Which would be a huge shame, because – as we said – we’ve been getting some fantastic contributions (and have some fantastic ones lined up too!).

So, thinking about it, we figured that the easiest way for them NOT to disappear would be to give them a page of their own – which is why we’ve added ‘Guests Off the Leash‘ to the Menu at the top of the page.

Yes, there’s a (hopefully very small) risk that discerning listeners might just skip the longer ‘Off the Leash Podcast’ and just seek out the contributions from favoured NGOs or individuals, but, hey, we’re here to spread the love (and the message) around…

So keep an eye out on social media for ‘Guests Off the Leash’. Because these contributions are just too good to disappear!