Off the Leash Podcast Episode Seven

In our seventh episode we focus on the missed opportunities and mixed signals of the G7 meeting in Cornwall, and Dominic discusses Boris Johnson’s ‘green’ credentials. We look at who might take over at Defra (the government department with a huge influence over what happens to our wildlife and the environment) and what signals that would send. In our third discussion point Charlie explains the thinking behind the off the leash ‘Community Bulletin Board’ (and even sings a few lines of ‘Imagine’ to make a point), and our pre-record comes from environmental consultant and journalist Stuart Spray who gives us his take on the G7. In ‘Hero and Villian’ Dominic praises Sir John Randall, and Charlie the activist group Extinction Rebellion. Continuing our G7 theme, our villain this week is the governments who have never managed to fully achieve a single UN target on the climate and the environment. In ’60 Second Sell’ we flag up an equipment fund set up to help monitors/wounded badger patrollers etc, ecologist Tom Langton stretching his crowdfunder to fight the badger cull in court, and the remarkable fundraising work of Nick Moran and Johnny Rankin via Dovestep.



Amnesty International   G7 support for pharma monopolies is putting millions of lives at risk

The Times  How Carrie Johnson’s eco clique took control of No 10

The War on Wildlife Project  Defra’s ministerial farming and shooting merry-go-round

Off the Leash  Community Bulletin Board

Stuart Spray  Wildlife Consultancy

Extinction Rebellion website

Sir John Randall   A Birdwatcher in Parliament (podcast)

Convention on Biological Diversity   Global Biodiversity Outlook 5

The Guardian   World fails to meet a single target to stop destruction of nature

The War on Wildlife Project   Equipment Fund – next steps

Tom Langton on Crowd Justice  Help stop badger culling adding to England’s Biodiversity catastrophe

Fund raising for Turtle Dove conservation   Dovestep (on Twitter)

Webinar (June 17th) – ‘Voices for Badgers’ How can we end DEFRA’s ineffectual badger killing spree?



Music excerpts from ‘The Old Timer’ by Tigerblood Jewel (on Epidemic Sound)

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