Off the Leash Podcast Episode Six

In our sixth episode we begin by discussing fur farming, Canada Goose, and the disgusting rabbit farms that T&S Nurseries are trying to set up. Dominic discusses an article he wrote for Byline Times looking at the poor performances of opposition parties on animal welfare. In a section on the so-called ‘badger cull’, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Tim Birch talks in a pre-record about his shock and anger that the cull will carry on for another four years and Charlie discusses the co-opting of the word ‘cull’ by government, industry, and lobbyists. In ‘Hero and Villian’ Dominic praises Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson, and Charlie talks about the BadgerCrowd’s Tom Langton (who provides a second pre-record on the ‘cull’ and crowdfunding for his upcoming Hgh Court Appeal). Dominic’s villain this week is Cornwall’s Carbis Bay Hotel and Charlie blasts irresponsible cat owners who allow their pets to decimate wildlife during the breeding season.  In ’60 Second Sell’ we flag up a petition asking for a ‘no take’ of Spider Crabs and highlight two blogs as well as discussing Buglife’s new ‘bug splat’ app. Finally, we discuss our plans to open up the Off the Leash Podcasts website as a ‘community bulletin board’.


Refuse Planning for an Intensive Rabbit Farm in Cornwall

Animal Aid  Investigators find appalling conditions at rabbit farm in Derbyshire

Byline Times  Why the Conservatives Became The Animal Friendly Party

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust  Government approves badger culling to 2026 and ignores public consultation

The War on Wildlife Project   Judicial Review over beaver killing licences

Animals Asia  Animals Asia brings 101 bears home in largest ever operation of its kind

Tom Langton on Crowd Justice  Help stop badger culling adding to England’s Biodiversity catastrophe

BBC News   G7 Cornwall: Protest against Carbis Bay building work

Webinar (June 17th) – ‘Voices for Badgers’ How can we end DEFRA’s ineffectual badger killing spree?

Simon Mustoe BlogAnimal Impact

Stephen Thomson blog The Conservation Buddha

Buglife  New bug splatter app to reveal more about insect populations



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