Off the Leash Podcast Episode Five

In our fifth episode we begin by discussing the two Brown Bears shot at Whipsnade Zoo after escaping from their enclosure and a new Born Free report looking at which species are kept by zoos. Dominic talks about the latest on the so-called badger cull. Charlie looks at the UK’s biodiversity crisis in the light of a new report from the RSPB using data from the Natural History Museum. In ‘Hero and Villian’ we both praise Lisa Marley (who also provides this week’s pre-record) and her excellent new podcast series ‘Crimes Against Nature’. Dominic’s villain this week is Norway’s government for their plans to capture Minke Whales and torture them with sound experiments, Charlie’s villains are the shooting lobbyists who have endlessly delayed replacing lead shot instead of dumping it into the environment. In ’60 Second Sell’ we flag up two important petitions (‘Ban the Sale of Artificial Grass’ and ‘Ask the EU to recognise animal sentience’) and finally we announce our plans to open up the Off the Leash Podcasts website as a ‘community bulletin board’.



Music excerpts from ‘The Old Timer’ by Tigerblood Jewel (on Epidemic Sound)

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