A community bulletin board…?

We’re really excited about the reception the ‘Off the Leash’ podcast has received, but we’re only just getting started!

There’s a reason we called the site ‘Off the Leash Podcasts’ (‘podcasts‘ plural) and that’s because we always saw the site as more than simply a place where Dominic and I can talk about the issues that matter to us. We want it to be a hub – a sort of community bulletin board if you like – where you can talk about the issues that matter to you as well.

Yes, of course many campaigners and activists have their own websites – and in some cases their own podcasts – but we also know that many other people don’t. Having a platform of some sort is a huge advantage in getting your voice heard, but NOT having one shouldn’t mean you are silenced.

And that’s where we think we can help.

We want to help you to be heard at absolutely no cost to you or your group (or your organisation). Why? Because getting the message out is important to us as campaigners, and by helping you find an audience, we think you can help us expand ours as well. By pooling our resources we all win, but far more importantly, the environment and our wildlife win too.


So how are planning to go about doing this?

Editing and creating a fully-realised audio file (or podcast) is quite a tricky task if you’ve never done it before. Finding and maintaining a hosting platform can be expensive. Building an audience is the time-consuming cherry on top of an already daunting cake! Of course, it’s not too difficult or we wouldn’t be doing it ourselves, but between us we have edited literally hundreds of podcasts, explored numerous hosts, and worked for quite a while building contacts and developing our own social media feeds.

Now, we’re not offering to produce a weekly podcast for you (it would be great if we had the time, but – sorry – at the moment we don’t) but how about if you want to talk about a housing development on sensitive habitat, snares or traps on a nature reserve, or the local hunt rampaging through your village – or maybe promote a petition or a fundraiser you’re launching, flag up an event you’re organising, or thank a young person who’s doing great things for conservation or the environment?

It could be one of a hundred things that you think other people need to know about. And all you need to do is to record your message (or short speech!) onto a phone, get it over to us via email or a file sharing service like WeTransfer, and we’ll do the rest: edit it (if it needs a bit of tidying up), upload it onto our website, and help promote it on our feeds. And your content remains yours – always.


That sound easy enough, eh?

That’s because it is! Clearly, there will be some conditions (the obvious ones like no hate speech. no x-rated language, nothing either you or us could be sued for – the normal stuff), and there are undoubtedly questions that we haven’t answered in a short blog post (we’ll write some FAQs if you’d like us too), but if you think like we do and care about the same things as us, then it really is as simple as it sounds.

We want to help create something much larger than a podcast, and it won’t cost you a penny. You know us, you know we are in this for our wildlife and for our environment. And if we can build something that actually ‘makes a difference’ we’ll be thrilled!


Now, it’s entirely possible we’re getting way ahead of ourselves here and no-one else will think that this is the good idea we think it is. Please let us know in the comments below (even if just to save us writing a whole page of FAQs that no-one will ever read!).