Off the Leash Podcast Episode Four

In our fourth episode we begin by discussing Tuk’s Law, a remarkable campaign that has made it mandatory for vets to check dogs and cats for microchips before considering euthanasia. Dominic makes a striking argument about measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic and measures to control Bovine TB. We reflect on the future of Environment Minister George Eustice, and look at how businesses might buy upland peat moors as part of a strategy to bring their carbon balance sheets down to net-zero. In ‘Hero and Villian’ we praise Hugh Warwick (aka Hedgehog Hugh, who also provides a pre-record on his petition to ensure new builds include hedgehog highways) and Sue Williams and Dawn Ashley the joint founders of the Tuk’s Law campaign, and we turn our ire on Bayer (the manufacturer of RoundUp, because ‘weeds’ are wild flowers) and on coffee chains for using disposable cups again. In ’60 Second Sell’ we flag up two important petitions (for Mini’s Law and a Call for Nature’s Recovery by 2030) and look forward to Virginia McKenna’s online ninetieth birthday party. Oh, and apologise for an unfortunate typo that meant emails weren’t getting through to us…





Music excerpts from ‘The Old Timer’ by Tigerblood Jewel (on Epidemic Sound)

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